Monday, June 27, 2005

Bad Customer Service = No Customer Evangelism

I've generally been happy with my Sprint PCS service. I'm on an older plan, and only on my third phone in about 6 years. I get enough coverage up here in the Boston area that I can not pay for a landline. It works out nicely.

I'd never really had a problem with service until the last couple of months. I've had a couple of higher phone bills. Now, most of these calls are to other Sprint numbers. Most people have unlimited PCS-to-PCS calling on their plans. I don't (or didn't), because my plan is an older one.

Anyway, I finally take the time to go to the Sprint site and poke around to see how much it is to add PCS-to-PCS calling to my plan. It's 5 bucks a month.

5 dollars.

Son of a bitch.

Now, this is my own stupidity. I will readily admit that. Here's the thing: really good companies will go out of their way to save their customers from their customers' own stupidity.

How hard would it be for Sprint to have noticed an uptick in my PCS phone calls, give me a call, and say "Hey, we've noticed some increased usage on your plan. You'll save a lot of money next month if you add this option to your bill"? Then I'd go, "damn, that's a great idea, please take more of my money each month", and then I'd follow that up and probably post this post, but with a positive spin about how proactive and helpful Sprint was in saving me from my own jackassishness.

Instead, I'm stupid. But I can legitimately call Sprint stupid too. Because they made an extra $50 bucks on me. They just better hope that this post doesn't cost them a single subscriber. If it does, they just made a negative expectation play.


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