Sunday, May 15, 2005

Saturday Night Live Review, 5/14/05

SNL without Will Ferrell = ass.

SNL with Will Ferrell = funny. Very funny.

Last night's episode might have been one of the only solid ones in this wretched season. And to get there, they had to pull out a ton of Will Ferrell stuff: Celebrity Jeopardy (awesome!), random Will Ferrell character who gets irrationally mad (also funny!), Robert Goulet (the Gouletest!), and even the Cowbell guy (joining Queens of the Stone Age on "Little Sister!").

Still, even with all the Ferrell-y goodness, the second half of the show fell flat. Weekend Update kinda sucked. The stupid Nuni sketch once again brought the show to a grinding halt.

Basically, it felt like any sketch that Will Ferrell had a hand in writing was good or better. Stuff that he was inserted in or was written by the normal writing staff was of the same putrid level as the last season and a half. For the most part, I really do think the current cast is ok. It's just the writing that has been poor and I don't know how they can rectify that without bringing in some new blood.

Anyway, Will Ferrell was funny. I expect next week's show hosted by notable coke whore Linsay Lohan to be a trainwreck.


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