Tuesday, March 15, 2005

TiVo Reaches Agreement with Comcast

As I mentioned in my post from January, I thought TiVo was dying because they walked away from a deal with Comcast.

Turns out, it looks like TiVo figured out the same thing the rest of us did. They need the Comcast/Motorola platform as the hardware platform for the superior TiVo software.

Sure, mid-2006 is a long way away. But this deal ensures that TiVo stays in business. It also means I can get myself the Comcast HD-DVR and then turn it into a TiVo-based one in about a year. No worries about CableCard or huge expensive boxes to buy. For $5 bucks a month (or so), I'll be able to record shows in HD on a TiVo-based DVR.

Sometimes management does realize they made a mistake and takes steps to rectify it. It'd be nice to see more companies do that.


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