Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hokies vs Hurricanes

My Virginia Tech Hokies take on the Miami Hurricanes for the ACC Championship in just about 2 hours. This was a year when no one expected the Hokies to be successful. They lost "phenom" Marcus Vick before the season, they were entering a new conference that was supposed to be tougher than the Big East that they'd run roughshod over for the better part of 7 years, and they do not have a single recognizable player on the team.

What have they done?

-Played #1 USC tough until a couple of bad calls drastically changed the tenor of the game,
-Missed a last second field goal against NC State that would have won the game,
-Won every other game.

Last week they picked apart a pretty good Virginia squad to reclaim the Commonwealth Cup, bringing it back to Blacksburg where it belongs. This week, they're down in Miami to take on a team that has become a rival of ours over the past decade.

It should be a fun game. This Miami team is a team prone to make mistakes, but they're super talented. This Hokie squad is a team that plays generally mistake free football, behind a solid, if unspectacular offense, and an extremely tough defense. The Hokies feed off of mistakes.

Basically, it's old-school Miami football vs. old-school Virginia Tech football. Beamerball, at its best.

A Hokie victory means a top 10 ranking, full claim to the ACC Championship in our first year in the league, and a spot in a BCS bowl game, likely the Orange Bowl against Auburn or Utah.

It should be a fun afternoon. I fully expect to hold a little riot in my living room when we win. Maybe I'll set a couch on fire.


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