Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Dead Like Dead Like Me


That's the sound I make when another one of the shows I like a good deal gets killed by the network it's on.

In this case, it's Dead Like Me, Showtime's quirky, supernatural comedy.

My TiVo Season Pass list keeps getting smaller because the networks keep cancelling good shows and replacing them with crappy reality shows. Oh, and procedural crime dramas. I guess I have to start watching CSI: Des Moines.

Ridiculous. The only upshot is that if HBO kills The Wire, I'll probably just cancel both HBO and Showtime and save myself a bunch of money (on car insurance.) The only shows really left worth watching on the two cable networks would be Deadwood (HBO) and the Penn & Teller show (Showtime). And that's what BitTorrent is for.

Blah. TV depresses me sometimes. Everytime a good show comes along, they kill off two good ones. It's like some backwards ass evolution, only the shitty survive. This season we get Lost and Veronica Mars, but lose out on Angel, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, and potentially The Wire.

Phew. Good thing they can make space for "Who's Your Daddy?" -- what would life be without a show about some poor human trying to figure out who their biological father is on national TV?

Yeah, and somehow the Red States thought Buffy was the most dangerous show on TV.


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