Sunday, July 18, 2004

Good Night, Bad Poker

Played poker with some folks last night.  My game normally works pretty well at a large table, since I generally start off pretty tight.  Not last night.  First one out at a table of 9 with trip 8s against a well, slow-played trip As.

Later, in a side game, I'm about to knock out one of the other players, with top pair (Ks, I think) vs. pocket 6s.  At the river, only 2 cards in the deck can help - and one of those 6s drops to give the guy trip 6s.  That sucked.

Finally, I make a good read and go all in (as the short stack, but only by a few chips) with As against a straight draw.  Only 2 cards in the deck can beat me.  The stupid K comes down and I lose.

Definitely my worst night of poker in a long time.  The big game was too loose to get a read on anyone, and I was catching cards.  The side game was a lot more fun, but in the end, I came out on the short end there too.

At least the Red Sox played well!  Wait a minute ....


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