Sunday, June 20, 2004

Stupid Yahoo or Stupid Comcast or Stupid Akamai

Tons of people in the northeast who use Comcast can't get to Yahoo Mail/Fantasy Sports.

My laptop is one of the affected machines.

My desktop isn't.

Thank god. I've got a ton of fantasy deals that are pending, as I completely rework my team.

Anyway, the point of this is that this is one of the big reasons moving to internet services vs. fat clients is a bad idea. Someone flips a switch somewhere and all of a sudden you can't access X.

In this case, for me, it's a pretty minor thing. I really don't use Yahoo Mail for anything major. Fantasy sports are pretty much the only thing I care about on Yahoo. But for those folks who use Yahoo Mail as their primary mail account, this could be costing them business. Granted, they deserve it for using Yahoo Mail as their primary account, but still.

I will always choose to use a fat client over a web service. At least internet ISPs (and corporations running servers) figure out what they're doing.


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