Thursday, June 10, 2004

Digging through the attic ...

Well, not so much digging through the attic as digging through the nooks and crannies of my computer.

I'm a packrat, both in the real world and digitally. For whatever reason, I decided to peruse some of the directories on my machine this evening. I started out looking for some pictures I had saved a few years back, but pretty quickly I got sucked into looking at obscurely named text files and trying to figure out what they are and why I saved them. It's amazing the memories that stream back as you're looking at a 7 or 8 year old email you saved.

I don't tend to save meaningless stuff. A lot of the stuff was web articles written about VT during our peak years in 96-99. A batch more were emails that were legitimately funny, as opposed to some of the ones that people claim are funny (like the lameass one with the Yankees and Red Sox jerseys - if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about). Stuff like this is funny (I think I found this on a mailing list in 98):

The Top 16 Rejected Motel 6 Slogans

16. We're working on that smell thing, too.
15. Because you deserve better than the backseat of some car.
14. As seen on "COPS"
13. If We'd Known You Were Staying All Night, We'd Have Changed the Sheets
12. Not just for nooners anymore.
11. We left off the 9, but you know it's there.
10. You rented the room, now buy the video.
9. Sure, you could stay someplace nicer, but then you wouldn't have money left over for a hooker.
8. We'll leave the Lysol for ya!
7. Hey, we're not the Ritz, but just try banging your secretary there on *your* salary, pal!
6. We don't make the adultery. We make the adultery *better*
5. It's Hookerriffic!
4. Official Lodging of the 1998 Florida Marlins
3. Blurring the line between stains and avant garde sheet art since 1962!
2. Cheap and Easy -- Just Like Your Mother
and the Number 1 Rejected Motel 6 Slogan...
1. We put the "Ho" in "Motel"

Anyway, it was a fun jaunt down memory lane. And a welcome respite from trying to explain to folks why torture is bad and how it is perpetually amazing to me that the current administration still has a large portion of the American people fooled. But that's something for another day.


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